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Are you looking for a laptop that will suit your pockets? Known for their technological edge, slim design and affordability, HCL Laptops have become a preferred choice among users from all walks of life; professionals, domestic users, multimedia specialists and gamers. Apart from their hardware back-up and updated software programs, HCL Laptops happen to one of the best in terms of their quality, durability and easy handling. Available in different configurations, the price range for these laptops can be diverse.

Different models from HCL Laptops: Although the entry of HCL has been quite new in the Notebook PC market, there are a wide range of hi-tech models available for the buyers. Some of the most common models of Notebook PCs from HCL include; HCL Leaptop Z22- Z2201, HCL Notebook P21- P2110, HCL Notebook K21- K2101 and HCL Leaptop B23- B2301. The others include; HCL Notebook K21- K2103, HCL Notebook P19- P1902W, HCL Leaptop Z24- Z2405, HCL Notebook P28-P2802 and HCL Leaptop C9504 Notebook PC.

USPs of HCL Laptops: The unique feature of any of the HCL Laptops lie in their technical features and their sleek design. Supporting multimedia games, Movies on DVDs, these laptops are a mobile office for you. The average weight of the laptops are more or less within 2.5 kgs. Powered with features like Camera, Bluetooth, DVD Super Multi Drive, the customer base for HCL Laptops comprises managers, teachers, executives, senior management people, doctors and even students.

Price of HCL Laptops: Being one of the most affordable laptops, the price range of the Notebook PCs from HCL ranges between 37000 INR-53000INR, approximately.

Brief outlay, Technical specifications of HCL Laptops: Powered either by Intel Centrino Duo Processor or Intel Pentium Duo Processor, expect to work with speed in your desired HCL laptop. The screen size varies, there are in fact three prevailing monitor size for HCL Laptops. Models come with 14.1 inch monitors, 15.4 inch monitors or 17 inch screens. The operating system is Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium with body features like Quick Launch Buttons, Touchpad Lock, Email Access, Internet Explorer and Power Gear. The laptops also have an in-built stereo speaker system of 1.5 Watts each, giving a clarity to the audio quality. Other features include, Interface DC -IN Jack x 1, S -Video TV output, Web camera, Lan port, Nero Software, modem port etc.

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