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Apple Laptops

One of the most commonly used electronic device is the laptop. Planning to buy one of those sleek and ultraportable laptops for yourself? Apple Laptops with their innovative and updated software, and some nice and compatible hardware, happen to be one of the best models even in terms of their design and get-up. Available in a series of configurations, the prices of the Apple Laptops happen to be the most competitive. With a pledge towards their customers, the Apple brand is known for their international quality and their great technology. Most commonly used name for the laptops from Apple is the Apple MacBook which is a favorite among both domestic users and professionals. The price range can be diverse for these hi-tech portable laptops from Apple.

USP of the Apple Laptops: What makes these Apple laptops most sought after is the revolutionary Intel Core Duo processor which is present in all models of Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro models. As a result of the two processor cores which are engineered to form a single chip, the laptop offers literally twice the power of a single processor in the same space. This makes the models of the Apple Laptops extremely user friendly.

Types of Apple Laptops: Apart from the different technical specifications available in the different models of these laptops, the most common segmentation depends on the size of the front screen monitor. The Apple Laptop comes in three different sizes; one in which the monitor measures 13 inches, the 15.4 inch Apple MacBook and 17 inch Apple Laptop. These models again differ on the configuration of their CPU.

Price of Apple Laptops: The price range starts from $1099 approximately and goes on to 2184$. Due to their prices, the Apple Laptops are fast capturing the market.

Technical specifications of Apple Laptops: One of the lightest models in the segment of laptops, the Apple MacBook happens to be one of the most handy and easy to handle. Among the technical features are a Graphics Media Accelerator X3100 from the leading brand of Intel, in built iSight camera which helps in videoconferencing and web chatting, in-built AirPort Extreme, 2 USB 2.0 ports, Slot-loading optical drive, Apple remote with Front Row, Slot-loading optical drive, MagSafe Airline Adapter, Lithium batteries, just to cite a few.

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