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Laptops can best be defined as “the Lighter the better”. This is the criteria that people look for while they purchase laptops. If you are in that category of laptop customers, then Sony laptops will be the best one for you. Equipped with benefits of state-of-the-art technology, the models of Sony laptops are considered to be the ideal choice for everyone, ranging from software professionals to busy executives, college-going students to housewives. Everybody would prefer to replace their bulky desktops to slim and trendy Sony laptops.

Sony has launched a new and special edition of Sony VAIO FZ notebooks that sport four new Eco-cool designs in trendy shades and patterns. Inspired by nature’s hues and patterns, Sony VAIO FZ Graphic Splash Eco Edition laptops are available in Clay Earth, Caribbean Water, Spotted Life and Bloom designs. The new notebooks are available in four vibrant colors of pink flower, leopard spots, and a splosh of turquoise water. Besides, Sony also launches five notebook models chosen from the VAIO TX, FS, S, and FJ series – VGN-TX17GP/B, VGN-S56GP/S, VGN-TX16GP/W, VGN-FJ57GP, and VGN-FS35GP. Weighing 1.26 kg and 1.24 kg, the new TX series of Sony laptops features a 4.5 mm clear bright LCD.

The VAIO series make great style statements and are known for their modern software and technologies. These new Sony notebooks are made from carbon fiber and carbon composite, and are 200 percent more solid and nearly 30% lighter than the ordinary plastic. These computing devices are fitted with a longer battery life of up to 9 hours. It also possesses a built-in optical drive by making use of the supplied battery. Besides, it also boasts an AV Mode button empowering playback of CDs, DVDs, or photo galleries even when Windows is turned off. The VAIO TX series is available in the market in platinum white colors and sapphire black.

The VGN-FJ57GP comprises a built-in microphone and camera, thus enabling users to communicate easily.

These models of Sony laptops are targeted to those customers who value portability coupled with serious computing powers. Apart from this, it also sports enhanced sound quality paired with in-built box speakers fitted for intensifying communications experience without the need for extra plug-in stereo speakers. The VGN-FS35GP is made for those customers demanding for high performance laptops for the purpose of graphical usage like by designers and architects.

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