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After Sales Services of Lenovo

Lenovo is working hard for offering a number of measures for the after sales services of Lenovo. These measures have been determined by Lenovo for setting a standard in the industry of personal computers and laptops. In fact the after sales Services of Lenovo are meant to surpass the top competitors of Lenovo in the field of laptop services.

Measures taken for offering After Sales Services of Lenovo -

The new measures, which have been set by Lenovo, comprise immediate response to the requests of the laptop users of Lenovo within two-hours time period. Meeting the needs of the users for repair after the day on which the requests are made and offering regular after sales services of Lenovo, are some of other concerns of this company.

After Sales Services of Lenovo in China -

Lenovo is the first company in China that had started this type of quick response service in China across 1250 cities of the country. Lenovo has been offering this type of after sales service since couple of years. The announcement of its quick response services propels it to accept more complicated challenges from its competitors.

Lenovo has begun the “Revisit Campaign”, which focuses on providing the Lenovo laptop users including the desktop computer users with complimentary door-to-door services and also online customer services at for increasing the after sales services of Lenovo.

After Sales Services of Lenovo in India -

Lenovo has made the announcement of establishing its special services centers in different regions of the Indian Subcontinent. It is one of its business strategies for strengthening customer support and providing noteworthy and consistent after sales services of Lenovo.

The first three service centers of Lenovo are offering their services in Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi. It is at present planning the expansion of this network to another 13 Indian cities by the end of 2007. The outstanding service centers of Lenovo in India have been launched after the opening of its service centers in China.

After sales services of Lenovo comprises after sales product support for the users of Lenovo computers like the Lenovo notebooks of the 3000 Y Series as well as 3000H desktops. The Lenovo Xpress Service is about to be launched by Lenovo. It is a mobile facility of collecting Lenovo products from resellers that offer replacement options.

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