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After Sales Services of Intel

After sales services of Intel for laptops are meant to offer the users a wide-ranging array of spectacular services during the post-sales period. After sales services of Intel offer enhanced experience of mobile computing with latest mobile technologies. It provides you with new standards of performance, long battery life and wide-spreading connectivity in the smart and trendy Intel notebooks.

About Intel –

Intel started stepping towards its goal with the introduction of the Intel microprocessor – the invention that changed the world. Creating pioneering technologies is its forte and Intel is carrying on the process till date. Intel inspires the most innovative and scientific minds to cross the limits of inventions and place itself as the leading power in semiconductor technology. Intel strives to innovate technology, which can transform the world. The high-quality products offered by Intel comprise Motherboard, Desktop, Notebook, chipsets, processors, software, communications, server and workstation and Intel Graphics.

After Sales Support Services of Intel –
If you need to support your laptop after purchase you can access the self-help resources before you contact the Intel Customer Support. These self-help resources comprise Intel Software Network, Intel’s Technical Resource Center, Searchable Knowledge Base and Download Center. You can also avail the interactive services offered to you by Intel in an interactive manner through email or on phone.

After Sales Warranty Services of Intel –
If you want your laptop to be replaced within the warranty period, you have to exchange it from the place you have bought the laptop within a month of the purchase.

Customary warranty replacement is offered to you by Intel within a month after the date of billing. If your Intel Authorized Distributor cannot work accordingly you can straightaway contact Intel. You need to have the following data in order to avail the post sales warranty services of Intel:
  • Evidence of transaction
  • Product Code
  • Name of the Intel product
  • Email address of the user
  • Shipping address
  • Details of the problem
If you want to avail the After Sales Services of Intel a representative employee of Intel can eventually contact you for receiving your feedback on the excellence of the support service that has been offered to you. The Intel service centers also offer extensive range of presales services of Intel

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