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After Sales Services of HCL

HCL believes that customer care is an integral part of any business. Due to this reason, the after sales services of HCL are given so much of importance. The after sales services of HCL helps the customers in solving different problems related to IT. HCL has taken three different steps in order to provide best customer care services. This includes:
  • Project Implementation as well as Management
  • Network System Integration
  • Maintenance and upkeep of the Network
The commendable after sales services of HCL is marked by a multi technology and multi-vendor approach. There are over 350 qualified professionals across 800 locations, which help, in the after sales services of HCL worldwide. Their main aim is to respond faster to the needs of the customers and to provide maximum uptime and reliability for the networks.

The after sales services of HCL are also known for its proactive management. HCL has many unique real time visibility tools, which includes SmartManageNC NetConsole, SmartManageAT as well as MyDashboard. This provides real-time visibility into the customer’s infrastructure performance. Thus the customer care officials are able to know the issues. This helps them in solving the issue as fast as possible.

SPICE or Special Initiative for Customer Education is an important tool for sharing knowledge. This is an important part of the after sales services of HCL. It is a forum keeping in mind the best interest of the customers. Some of the important things we should note here include:

  • This forum imparts learning from various customers and shares their International Best Practices from time to time
  • This forum also helps customers in reducing the cost of maintenance and improve customer satisfaction
  • The forum also educates the customers on the latest industry and technology trends through the Knowledge Series seminars
  • The forum also takes feedback from the Customer Feedback forms on areas of improvement so that they can help the customers in a better way.

    After sales services of HCL is also known for its tech support. The tech support operates 24X7 to offer timely solutions to the most complex of network problems. HCL's customer service is known for its world-class contact center that is coupled with HCL’s unique known database. This offers remote first call resolution to 70% of customer incidences. The field engineering teams for different break fix issues addresses the remaining incidences.

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