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After Sales Services of Dell

Dell is an American technology-company that is found to manufacture and sell laptops. Apart from laptops, Dell is also found to be developing different other kinds of electronic goods like servers, network-switches, as well as computer-peripherals. If you buy any of the laptops of Dell, you will be able to enjoy the several After Sales Services of Dell. The After Sales Services of Dell are really useful.

Some of the After Sales Services of Dell include the privileges of checking the status of the order that you have made, the ways of tracking packages and many others. If you want, you will also be able to get a copy of the rebate form offered by this company. In order to check the status of an order you have made, you need to fill up a particular form. This form can be filled up online. In this form, you need to fill up the purchase ID of Dell. Then you will have to fill up the reference number of your order . Apart from these, you have to select the verification type and then enter the date of verification.

After Sales Services of Dell also includes the after sales financial services provided by Dell to its customers.

But before enjoying this particular service, one is required to fill a form. In this form, one has to put in his or her Dell email ID and password.

After putting the ID and password, one needs to login. In order to report for any case of damage or missing of laptops, one can do so online.

In order to transfer ownership, Dell support or limited warranty, one has to fill up a particular online form. In this form, the customer number, the first name and the last name of the new owner have to be entered. Other than these, your address, zip code, name of the city and email address have to be put in.

If you want, you can also ask for a copy of the invoice. For this fill up a form. In the form include the first name, the last name, the product name, email address and the zip code. All these after sales services that are offered by Dell compel the users to purchase their laptops from Dell which has added to the popularity of this brand. Dell is one of the best laptops available in the market today.

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