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After Sales Services of Acer

Acer is one the leading international PC manufacturers. It produces different ranges of computers including laptops. After sales services of Acer provides you with the option for availing a wide array of services after you have purchased an Acer laptop. The after sales services of Acer are offered to you with the help of the expert engineers; it includes repair of laptops, replacement of the Acer products and even money back option.

Conditions for availing the After Sales Services of Acer -

The Acer laptops are available for you in the market in fashionable chassis. It is supported by some processors of Intel Celeron M Aspire. This Acer product comes with a standard warranty for 1 year if sold in any part of India or to international travelers. It is not a defective product; but if on case the product happens to be defected or damaged you can contact the dealer from whom you have bought that product along with the original packing and the bill.

You can get your money back or even can get to avail a replacement if you can produce your bill and the Acer product in an unused state and with the original packing. In fact, you can choose what you want as after sales services of Acer,; you can opt for either money back or replacement.
Mikrolab - After Sales Service Provider of Acer laptops -

The After Sales Services of Acer are offered by Mikrolab, one of the departments of the renowned SKILL group that has specialization in maintenance and repair services associated with computers, terminals, scanners and other related devices for the internet network. Mikrolab engineers, with their extensive experience, offer remarkable service regarding operating systems, networking and different categories of CPU, which range from PC to the server and from computer networking to wiring installation.

Types of After Sales Services of Acer -

The after sales services of Acer are offered to the walk-in customers, who ask for these services on a first-come-first-serve basis. For repairing these devices the engineers also visit your home or your office. The after sales services of Acer also include virus removal and cleaning, updating, maintenance service and repairing of the operating system. The after sales services of Acer need the engineers to offer workshop with proficient supervision.

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